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Why The Cuisinart TOB-155 Oven Toast Boiler is The Best for You

Posted by curtisewers101 on April 18, 2013 at 12:30 AM

When it comes to cooking, it should not be guesswork. You have to prepare the best meals enjoyed by the whole family. To achieve this, you need to buy the best cooker for the kitchen duties. The Cuisinart tob-155 broiler and oven toaster is the smart cooker, which uses exact heat to cook your meal. The exact heat sensor technology is very useful for regulating the temperature ideal for cooking different meals. You can use the toaster oven for baking, broiling and making toasts.


Top features that make it the ideal toast maker


In order to achieve its desired cooking job, the Cuisinart tob-155 comes with additional features.



  • Touchpad



The front frame of the toaster broiler oven is made of electronic pad that uses touch technology. The touchpad has various control buttons aimed at making your cooking control very simple. Here, you get the oven timer. This helps to set the time used to cook any meal automatically. You also get the clock for timing.

Inside the oven, it is spacious enough to allow simple cleaning after cooking your meals. You have to clean the Cuisinart tob interior after every meal.



  • The shade control



This electronic cooker comes with the latest technology in shade controls. The shade controls comes with the heat sensors ideal for cooking different meals. The heat sensors help to set and maintain the exact temperature when cooking your desired meals. This temperature setting is important since the user needs to set the exact temperature for any meal distributed evenly for cooking.



  • Different cooking options



One unique feature about the Cuisinart tob-155 is its coking options. It comes with defrost buttons, reheating option, pizza or baking options, broil controls, bagel coking and toasting options. These are six options to choose from making it a multi use cooker. Instead of buying six cookers for different cookery jobs, you only get one Cuisinart tob. This saves money as well as kitchen space. This oven is made of stainless steel material that is easy to clean. The handle is made of stylish brush chrome adding to its physical beauty.


By buying the broiler oven, you get six slicing oven toaster that comes with a big space to accommodate a large quantity of food. It measures 0.6 cubic foot spacing. Sometimes, cooking can be a tiresome job that one fails to put off the machine. This toaster is ideal in that it shuts automatically after four hours. This feature is ideal for saving power.

Cuisinart TOB-155 Toaster Oven Broiler, Stainless/Black



Benefits of buying the cooker


The first obvious benefit of buying the toaster oven is its affordability retailing at below $140 but with great services.

The cooker picks heat within seconds making your preparation fast. It evenly distributes heat.

The interior size allows one to fit the oven of their choice. If you are coking for a big family, this is the right cooker.


If you want to have a new experience in your kitchen for making different meals, the Cuisinart tob-155 will do it for you. With medium size cooker, you can even carry it to your office. You also get the 3 warranty. This is the perfect cooker to buy for your family this season.

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